Turning Tables creates a platform for the youth to express themselves through music as a channel for creative outlet. Our unique approach where we tap into using music as a universal language for youth communication has proven itself to be very effective in areas where simply reaching out to marginalized youth is often wrought with obstacles and dangers. This approach has granted us access to even the most critical, vulnerable and oppressed youth who usually shun aid workers and has thus served to soften tensions in conflict prone communities.

Our music programmes focus on the inclusion of politically, economically and socially marginalized youth in the global culture of hip hop, DJ-ing and the creation of electronic music. To facilitate this, we arrange workshops and set up permanent local DJ schools for refugee boys and girls in order to show that the art of storytelling through music can be done by anyone. 

We currently have permanent DJ schools connected to the camps of Sabra/Shatila, Mar Elias and Burj Barajneh in Beirut, Nahr el-Bared near Tripoli, and the Jabal el-Hussein camp in Amman. These schools are all driven by local NGOs and volunteers.


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