Our mission is to amplify the voices of marginalized youth in Jordan and Lebanon through music and film. We build creative environments through inspiration, learning and transfer of technology that enables artistic self-expression in spaces where it would otherwise be thought impossible. With the provision of tools and professional capacity for creative communication, we aim to empower young refugees and the local communities to tell their own stories to a global audience.


Turning Tables facilitates access to meaningful civic engagement and a space for the youth to voice their grievances, hopes and dreams as active members of their communities. Our projects focus on preventing negative coping mechanisms via psycho-social support and youth empowerment through creative trauma processing, strengthening of identity resilience and social cohesion. We thus create both individual and collective empowerment, as well as strengthening networks and mentorship opportunities at the community, national and international levels:


We design platforms for youth to develop technical and character skills in the creative fields of music, film and photography through collective storytelling, performance and communication.

We implement programming for psychosocial-support and social cohesion through music and film for marginalized and refugee youth and the local communities individually within the creative field, and collectively between the youth and their peers.

We strengthen youths' self-esteem and identity resilience, thus giving them a sense of development, contribution, cooperation and encouragement to engage in new contexts and social advocacy.


Our mission strives for the youth to prosper from the creative achievements and grow into active members of change from their experiences developing new skills, collaborating on achieving a goal and implementing a project. Explore how we work with the youth below: