Turning Tables Jordan and Lebanon’s methodology is founded in the context of psychosocial support work focusing on fostering identity resilience among the youth. An integral part of our support to youth in the complex conflict-prone environments is the provision of a space that enables youth to positively develop their identities and cohesion in the transition into adulthood. 

Our unique approach where we tap into using music and film as a universal language for youth-to-youth communication has proven itself to be very effective in areas where reaching out to marginalized youth is often wrought with obstacles and dangers. This approach has granted us access to the most critical, vulnerable and oppressed youth and has served to soften tensions in Jordanian and Lebanese refugee communities.

We work together with the youth to process challenges and realize their dreams. We never tell the youth what to say, but to express something through their own creations. Our methodology encourages them to use their voices to create the change they would like to see in their lives and the communities they live in. 


Product-Based Approach

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Turning Tables’ product-based approach is designed to strengthen networks and build bridges within and outside communities. Building and designing products reduces distances between people while working towards a common goal. The process also promotes a technical skill building capacity in an open space from where youth can self-reflect and advocate for change through their products.

Through our programmes, the youth embark on a multi leveled process where they are able to interact with peers and mentors. The process creates an opportunity to develop character skills by supporting one another, through youth-to-youth communication, positive role-modeling and preventing negative coping mechanisms, improving networking capacity, building connectors, accessing resources and contributing towards social cohesion within their given context.

Recognizing shared experiences with respect and dignity, reinforces a sense of collective identity and belonging in diversity, as they build their own tools and capacities to positively transform them. Reinventing and reweaving the broken fabrics that they locate in their society closes the distances between marginalized youth and their communities. 

Turning Tables aims to amplify the voices of youth so that products that they produce can be heard at policy and decision-making levels, thus providing supportive structures in greater participation, though youth mobilization, and contribute to policymaking and leadership opportunities. This process further increases the networking capacity towards stakeholders and actors otherwise out of reach of communities for future opportunities and reducing youth vulnerability.



The Turntable Lab

Based on 7 years of success, we believe that we have now found a truly efficient and operational innovative concept in the Turntable Lab. The Turntable Lab is a mobile container 0% energy music and film production facility launched by sending in an experienced local and international team of filmmakers, music producers and studio engineers to the selected location.

The Lab functions not only as a production facility, but also as a creative safe-space for youth to come together and learn, exercise and practice their skills, nurturing a safe environment for mutual understanding and common ground for all youth.

The Turntable lab was developed in partnership with the Danish Center for Maritime Architecture. The space for a sustainable and scaleable solution for youth has been refined and is now implemented by our CSR partner Arcgency Architecture Copenhagen.

Turning Tables' work and innovation through digital engagement was honored at the MIT Build Peace Conference in 2014 and 2017, the UN Social Goods Summit 2015 and 2016 and by winning the Social Innovation and Leadership Award at the World CSR Congress 2017.


Watch the video: The Turntable Lab 

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